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31 Oct

Read and vote for Jim Ruland!

28 Oct

“Homeward Bound,” Jim’s entry in the Reader’s Digest contest Your Life in 150 Words, was named an Editor’s Pick! You can help me by voting for his story.


* John Wilkens of the San Diego Union-Tribune gets “a chuckle out of Ruland’s wordplay” in The Read at Sign On San Diego.

Wigleaf: [Very] Short Fiction features a Postcard from San Diego about the ways I’m bound to the town I call home. And if you think 150 words is short, check outmy new sailor story that’s half as long. (Thanks, Scott!)

The Observer, the weekly paper in Kewanee, Indiana, ran a story about “Homeward Bound” on the front page of the October 20th edition. (Thanks, Mom!}

Annalemma calls “Homeward Bound” “A salty tale about sinking to the depths of a metaphorical sea.” (Thanks, Christopher!)

* There’s a nice write-up under the title “(Very) Short Fiction Piece Has a Chance for $25,000 Prize” at Flash Fiction Net. (Thanks, Randall!)

* For more details about the evolution of my story, check out “A Good Bit More Than 150 Words About a Drunken Sailor” on the SDWI blog.


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You can vote every 24 hours. And you can vote from multiple devices (home computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone).

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25 Oct

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22 Oct

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