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Avital Gad-Cykman’s piece in Atticus Review

30 Nov

Read Avital Gad-Cykman’s fascinating new flash “She was Short” in Atticus Review.


common sense – revolution – declaration – Liberty Bell – colony

30 Nov

mittens – squirrel – flurries – study – searching

28 Nov

Shakespeare – earth – sound – gel – arch

23 Nov

sender – priority – bulletin – quarantine – diplomat

23 Nov

Mary Akers interview with Tiff Holland

21 Nov

Visit the r.kv.r.y blog to read Mary Akers’ brief and revealing interview with Tiff Holland about writing, family, and recovery.

Stamp stories at Wigleaf

19 Nov

In the current posting of Wigleaf, Scott Garson and J.A. Tyler offer thirteen original stamp stories by some of the writers who are featured in the Mud Luscious Press [C.] anthology, including a great one by Kathy Fish!