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31 Mar

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30 Mar

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29 Mar

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27 Mar

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25 Mar

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25 Mar

Just One Question for Ethel Rohan

24 Mar

Just One Question is a series. (It will be!) In it, I pose just one question to a Hot Pants author about their work. In this episode, I ask Ethel Rohan about Hard to Say, her remarkable collection of flash fiction published by PANK last year.

Jennifer: “Septicemia” is a hard word to pronounce–harder still for a child. But we know that your book is about more than the tongue-twisting ailments of the narrator’s mother. It is about the narrator finding the language to describe the events that shocked her in the formative years. By the end of HARD TO SAY the narrator has spoken a deep fear, yet she says she’s ruined. Does the narrator mean that giving words to her fear has ruined her? It seems to me that this belief runs contrary to what pop psychology says: “Let it all out.” Many writers will relate to the trouble of choosing the right words to describe the concerns that preoccupy them, whatever those concerns may be. If all writing is about writing, is your book a cautionary tale? Continue reading

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23 Mar

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23 Mar

A Response to Echolocation, A Novel by Myfanwy Collins

23 Mar

Ethel Rohan wrote this original and moving response to Echolocation, Myfanwy Collins’s debut novel from Engine Books at PANK.